Friday, August 15, 2014

Texas Mother Demands an RSO (Who She Doesn’t Know) Be Fired From His Job With the City Public Works Department

While searching news stories this morning I came across the below article. 

It is NOT the typical article that I would take the time to “post”; usually it would just get added to the In the News page without a word from me. 

But I was so bothered that a complete stranger who has had no contact with this RSO, would make it her one-woman mission to get him fired from his job with the cities public works department only because he is an RSO. 

This woman is on a pure-hate-campaign against a man who has served his court ordered debit to society that includes a lifetime public label of Registered Sex Offender and now he is just trying to provide for himself and his family doing a job most people would never want, sewer and road work. 

I don’t usually get on my soap-box or say nasty things about other people (a much harder task than you might think as a public advocate encouraging data-driven reform of the registry) but I’m saying this, there is a special place in hell waiting for Kellie Green of Mart, TX. 

Mary Devoy

Sex offender at center of Mart employment controversy, August 14, 2014
By Cassie Smith

Seven years in prison taught Lonnie Green to own up to his past and not to be ashamed. So when a Mart resident recently complained to the city council after learning Green — a registered sex offender — is employed by the city’s public works department, Green said he knows that no matter how much he alters his attitude, his sex offender status will always cause problems. 

“You have to know yourself,” he said. “People will always hate on you, but just as many people that talk down on you, there’s another to talk you back up. That’s pretty much how I look at life.”