Sunday, September 28, 2014

Action Alert: Ask Your Virginia Delegate & Senator to Sponsor a Fiscally Responsible Bill for 2015! Approximately 29,800 Certified USPS Re-Registration Letters Were Mailed Out by the VSP in 2013 and the Postage Alone Cost Approximately $268,000, Stop the Madness!


It appears the cost of USPS certified letters for VSP re-registrations have increased, in 2013 approximately $9.00 in 2014 it's now $10.18!

Another good reason for the State of Virginia to stop sending out these letter and to set automatic/reoccurring registration dates based on an RSO’s DOB per the below recommendation. 

Original Post:
Instead of the Virginia State Police (VSP) printing, processing and mailing USPS certified letters to all the Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) under VSP supervision 1-4 times per year they should setup a schedule for re-registration based on the offenders DOB. 
First, Some Quick Math:
Per the VSP 2014 Report on Sex Offender Monitoring in October 2013
1.      8,145 of the 20,360 RSO’s in Virginia were under VSP supervision
2.     Based on a 2010 FOIA we know approximately 83% of the Virginia Registry are classified as Violent, that would be 7,470 of the October 2013 offenders
3.     The remaining 17% is classified as Non-Violent that would be 675 offenders in October 2013.