Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Assumptions, Myths and Fear 2014 Edition: Halloween in Virginia as the Parent, the Spouse, the Roommate or the Child of a Registered Sex Offender Can Be Extremely Frustrating, Difficult and Dangerous

It’s October 1st  and the first thing that comes to mind (sadly) is the anticipated news articles and news segments by the Virginia media on Halloween safety and the risk of the neighborhood “Sex Offender” listed on the VSP Registry steeped with myth, hype and fear. 

There have already been some Internet searches on the subject that have lead folks to this blog so I feel obligated to post the same information I have shared with Virginia news outlet for the last few years  for the second time on this blog. 

Myth #1: 

All Registered Sex Offenders in Virginia are prohibited from participating in Halloween activities.
-          Decorating their home
-          Porch Lights on
-          Handing out candy
-          Wearing a costume

Registered Sex Offenders who are NOT under VA-DOC supervised Probation (the majority of them) can decorate their home, have their front light on and give out candy to trick-or-treaters. So can their spouse, parents, room-mates or children at that same address.