Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Upcoming October 21st VSCC Meeting: Teen to Teen Sexting in Virginia Can Lead to Charges, Convictions, Imprisonment and Registration as a Sex Offender Under Current Child Pornography Laws, It’s Time to Change That!

The Virginia State Crime Commission will be holding their second meeting for 2014 on Tuesday October 21st. On the draft agenda is “Sexting”. An issue the VSCC last studied back in 2009 and then they decided not to address the current child pornography statutes that sweep up teens who “Sext” each other. 

There were no bills (legislation) from the 2014 Virginia General Assembly on Sexting that were sent to the VSCC to be studied in 2014 so I’m guessing the outlandish chain-of-events earlier this year in Manassas Virginia that was only stopped because of the national media attention and public outcry against the Commonwealth Attorney, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, the magistrate and the investigator is the reason the VSCC has added Sexting to it’s 2014 study list. 

For anyone who missed the Manassas case where those in authority forced a minor to have his flaccid penis photographed for comparison to the “Sexted” images and when that wasn't good enough they obtained a warrant that would have forced the 17 year old boy to submit to an erectile enlargement injection to then have his erect penis photographed by the authorities as additional evidence you can read the past posts from beginning to end:
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Teenagers who send or exchange sexual or nude photos and/or videos with other teens do not pose a threat to society! The Child Pornography laws were NEVER intended to include them but yet we have Prosecutors and Police Departments in Virginia that think they should be treated as child pornographers including the mandatory minimum prison sentences and lifetime registration as a public "Violent" Sex Offender.

One-size does NOT fit ALL!

It’s time for Virginia to take the much need step to separate Teen Sexting from Child Pornography! 

For the last two days I have been doing a lot of research on what has been published and concluded about Sexting since 2009 when I last asked the VSCC to separate the two in the Virginia Code.