Friday, October 10, 2014

Elizabeth Letourneau: “All too often, our attention, resources and shock are focused on what happens after a crime is committed—we need to be asking how we can prevent child sex abuse”

I debated for more than 30 minutes if I should “post” the below article or just list the title and link on the In the News page because some people would immediately go on a rampage calling me a predator or pedophile sympathizer (which I am not) based on the article’s title alone 

I have read other articles, studies and editorials on pedophiles and pedophilia (one very recently) and have immediately concluded the authors and their writings are reckless, bias and scary and you’ve never seen one of them posted on this blog.  

But the below article is spot on as have been other writings by Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau and it should be read by everyone including those who grasp for reasons to discredit me, my advocacy and this platform. 

The pages of this blog are viewed 2,100- 3,300 times per month from people across the globe including State and Federal Legislators, Reporters & Journalists, Researchers, Attorneys, Law Students, Victim’s Advocates, Abuse Survivors, Offenders and the Family Members of those Survivors and Offenders and I’ve decided the below article should be read by all. 

Let the judgment commence! 

Mary Devoy

We Need to Make It Easier for Pedophiles To Seek Help
By Elizabeth Letourneau

Elizabeth J. Letourneau is Director of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Associate Professor, Department of Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
I don’t know Stephen Collins. Or his wife. Or their therapist.