Sunday, October 12, 2014

Total Virginia Juveniles Arrested from 2001 to 2013 for Pornography

This post is a follow-up to the earlier October 8 post about the upcoming VSCC meeting that includes Sexting.

How many investigations of Teen Sexting are there every year in Virginia? How many lead to an arrest? How many petitions, adjudications and convictions occur? How many are malicious and how many are non-malicious? It turns out these numbers don’t exist and the VSCC staff will not be presenting any numbers at the meeting on the 21st (I already made an inquiry). 

The only numbers I can find are the arrests of juveniles in Virginia for pornography by age and there is no way to know what percentages of them are for Sexting.  

So, have these numbers decreased, increased or stayed the same since the last 2009 VSCC Sexting study?  

2013 Virginia Crime Report

Virginia State Police: Crime in Virginia January to December 2013:
2013 Summary:

Forcible Sex Offenses -                              4,888                down from             5,093 in 2012
Non-Forcible Sex Offenses-                         189                 down from                196 in 2012
(Child) Pornography-                                 1,052                 up from                     714 in 2012
Prostitution-                                                   1,022                up from                    993 in 2012 

In 2013, the contributing agencies reported 4,591 offenses resulting in 4,888 victims of a forcible sex offense.
In 2013, the contributing agencies reported 1,411 rape/attempted rape offenses resulting in 1,436 victims. 

Offenders of Forcible Sex Offense:
                17 years old or younger-                 1,108                     down from            1,199 in 2012
                18 to 35 years old-                            1,722                     down from           1,855 in 2012
                36 years or older-                                889                    down from           1,433 in 2012 

                17 years old or younger-                       91                     down from              107 in 2012
                18 to 35 years old-                               101                     down from              103 in 2012
                36 years or older-                                  49                     down from                 57 in 2012 

Joe Nelson Writes Two Articles on California Attorney Janice Bellucci and RSO Frank Lindsey on Why They Work to Reform the Laws Against RSO’s, What Being on a Public List Can Lead to (becoming the target of a vigilante attack) and the Ordinance Lawsuits They’ve Filed Against CA Cities After the 4th District Court of Appeal’s Decision in January


Two great articles!


1- Sex-crimes convict says registration has ruined his career, endangered his life, October 11, 2014
By Joe Nelson

Frank Lindsay lives a relatively quiet life in the San Luis Obispo County city of Grover Beach. 

For 35 years he’s kept out of trouble, but his one conviction in 1979 for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14 continues to haunt him: He is required to register as a sex offender in California for the rest of his life, which has permanently branded him. He is limited in where he can live and where he can go due to restrictive state and local laws, which Lindsay said have also endangered his life. 

“We stopped burning witches a long time ago, but this is very similar to that,” said Lindsay, 62, who co-authored a book titled “We’re All In This Together” about his challenges and experiences as a registered sex offender.