Saturday, October 18, 2014

Two New Books on Teen Sexting

Two New Books on Teen Sexting being released in: 

February 2015:
By Amy Adele Hasinoff 

Sexting Panic illustrates that anxieties about technology and teen girls sexuality distract from critical questions about how to adapt norms of privacy and consent for new media. Though mobile phones can be used to cause harm, Amy Adele Hasinoff notes that the criminalization and abstinence policies meant to curb sexting often fail to account for distinctions between consensual sharing and malicious distribution. Challenging the idea that sexting inevitably victimizes young women, Hasinoff argues for recognizing young people's capacity for choice and encourages rethinking the assumption that everything digital is public. 

Timely and engaging, Sexting Panic analyzes the debates about sexting while recommending realistic and nuanced responses. 

December 2014: 
By Shaneen Shariff