Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Maryland’s Fredrick News Post Editorial: The Sex Offender Registry, Retroactive Punishment?

I previously posted about the court decision in Maryland and then added it to the list of Court Decisions where it was ruled the Sex Offender Law was actually Unconstitutional. 

Today I noticed numerous page/blog visitors being directed from and wondered ….WHY?

So I visited the site and found the below Editorial. Excellent! I’m so pleased journalists, columnists and editorialists from across the country continue to find this website informative and factual! 

Retroactive legal mandates against those labeled Sex Offender are unconstitutional even though Legislatures everywhere keep passing these laws. In 2006 and 2008 the Virginia Legislature retroactively reclassified hundreds possibly thousands of RSO’s from Non-Violent to Violent and in 2008 the Virginia Legislature retroactively increased the minimum time Non-Violent Offenders must register from 10 years to 15 years just to mention two examples from the very long list of legal restrictions and regulations that have become law in Virginia years after a conviction, without any due process and most of the time no notice of the change in law from the VSP to the RSO that the new restriction applies to. 

It just takes someone who has the time and the money to challenge these unconstitutional mandates to over turn them. Citizens who have money is the only way to uphold the Constitution against rogue lawmakers these days.