Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Action Alert: Onesimus Ministries Which Ministers to Inmates and Houses Former Offenders Including RSO’s Here in Virginia is Currently Financially Struggling, But You Could Help!

I met first met Rev. Bill Twine of Onesimus Ministries back in 2009 at his Chesapeake Half-way House. He runs some of the only Half-way Houses that accept Registered Sex Offenders in Virginia. 

When the RSOL of Virginia dissolved back in November 2012 and we were required by law as a 501(c)(4) to donate all assets and money to another non-profit there was no doubt who would be the recipient of the RSOL-VA funds, but Onesimus Ministries for their work and outreach to Registered Sex Offenders. 

I’ve seen Bill 3 or 4 times over the last few years including last Saturday at the Virginia CURE annual conference  and he mentioned recent financial difficulties for the ministry. Due to the large number of their residents who are unemployed, under employed and sporadically employed. As of November 2014 they house 14 ex-offenders in their Chesapeake House, half of that number is on the VSP Registry. 

They also have other homes in Norfolk and Chesapeake with a total number of 9 residents, 7 of whom are on the VSP Registry.
The men on the registry have the hardest time finding employment and struggle with paying program fees. 

Onesimus’ current challenges  also include raising money to replace the Chesapeake House roof; repairing interior walls and floors and repairing ministry vehicles. 

Bill is an amazing man and the one way I can help him is to advise all of you that his ministry needs funds to continue to help the current residents and to hopefully graduate those men out of the program and to take in additional newly released men who would be homeless without Onesimus Ministries. 

I hear from many of you asking if you can send me money and I always decline your generous and kind offers to assist my advocacy. I’ve taken on this role and as long as we can cover our expenses we will. But you could and I hope you will help Rev. Bill Twine and Onesimus Ministries.