Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sex on College Campuses: When is it Rape and When is it Not?

……..well it depends on whether the University, College or the State believes in Affirmative Consent (Yes Means Yes), Preponderance of Evidence (More Likely Than Not) versus Clear and Convincing Evidence (Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt) and what about Due Process for the Accused, most Victims Groups don’t want them to have any. They believe if an accusation has been made it’s valid and the accused is guilty, period! 

The below opinion piece somewhat weighs both sides of the argument. 


Opinion: Mishandling Rape, November 16, 2014
By Jed Rubenfeld

Our strategy for dealing with rape on college campuses has failed abysmally. Female students are raped in appalling numbers, and their rapists almost invariably go free. Forced by the federal government, colleges have now gotten into the business of conducting rape trials, but they are not competent to handle this job. They are simultaneously failing to punish rapists adequately and branding students sexual assailants when no sexual assault occurred.