Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting Ready for the 2015 Virginia General Assembly Session: Do You Know Who Your Two Representatives Are? Have You Introduced Yourself to Them? Have You Signed Up to Receive Their Newsletters?

The 2015 Virginia General Assembly session begins in just 8 weeks, the second Wednesday of January. 

The annual Virginia General Assembly is where new State laws are proposed, debated, voted on and passed onto the Governor. 

2015 will be a short session (30 calendar days) as opposed to even years (60 calendar days).

Last November, I posted How a Bill Becomes a Law in Virginia it outlines the process of a bill moving through the Virginia Legislature as well as the short and long session differences.

Filing of bills for the 2015 session started early (because it’s a short session) back on July 21st 2014 whereas last year it began in November. As of today there are NO bills against RSO’s........ that will change very quickly! After all, 7 out of the last 10 Virginia General Assemblies the #1 Bill Submissions requiring a Fiscal Impact Statement were “Sex Offender” bills.

In early December I will create a 2015 Virginia General Assembly page (see Directory on right side of screen) this is where I’ll post all relevant bills to this platform and I will update the bills status daily or weekly.