Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Newly Proposed Law in New Jersey: If You Lie to Someone That You are About to Have Consensual Sex With (That’s Right NO Force, Threat or Intimidation AND No Drugs or Alcohol in the Equation) You Could Be Charged, Convicted and Imprisoned for Rape, Don’t Forget Being Labeled a Sex Offender!

I am at a loss for words….. have we really lost all common sense in America?

I believe with this proposal we have.

We need to blame everything and everyone for our own actions and decisions, and the laws that have been rewritten over the last 20+ years pretty much allow us to get away with just that!


New Jersey lawmaker introduces bill to criminalize 'rape by fraud', November 25, 2014

Conniving Casanovas, beware: A New Jersey lawmaker wants to make lying for sex punishable by charges of rape, creating the crime of “sexual assault by fraud.”