Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Hyperbole of Inevitable Danger and a High Rate of Sexual Abuse That Victim’s Advocates Perpetuate and Most Citizens People Believe Will Not Make Us a Safer, Smarter or a Better Society Not to Mention It’s an Unethical Tactic!

Lessons of Rolling Stone's UVA Catastrophe: We Can't Prevent Rape If We're Deluded About It, December 9, 2014
By Robby Soave

Suppose Jackie’s story was not so incredible. Suppose that premeditated, ritualistic gang rape was a plausible occurrence at the average college. Suppose that one in every five—or four, or three—female students found themselves in serious danger of assault the moment they set foot outside their dorm rooms. Suppose that America’s campuses really did rival Somalia in terms of the violence faced by young women.

Would it be enough to merely place a moratorium on Greek activity, form a task force, and defend the actions of administrators who failed to report rape to the police, as University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan has done (arguably in violation of the Constitution)?

Of course not.