Friday, December 12, 2014

Virginia Delegate Joe Morrissey Avoids Prison, Registration as a Sex Offender, Automatically Losing His Law License or His Elected Office: Virginia Lawmakers Are Not Held to the Same Standards (or Laws) That They Impose Upon the Citizens of the Commonwealth

(Except for Virginia Legislators)

Virginia Delegate Joe Morrissey (57 years old) pleads to one misdemeanor offense today when he was facing multiple felonies for sex and for “sexting” with a 17 year old employee who lied about her age. 

Morrissey enters plea, sentenced to 12 months with 6 suspended, December 12, 2014

Delegate Morrissey pled to § 18.2-371. 

Offenses in Virginia that require registration as a Sex Offender are:

With today’s plea he avoids registering as a Sex Offender, he will not automatically lose his law license (The Virginia Bar could revoke it after a hearing) or his seat as an elected official. “Teflon Joe Morrissey” strikes again! 

Plus today at the hearing it was revealed the 17 year old receptionist (18 years old since March 2014) is pregnant……… with perhaps Morrissey’s  child.

Everyone Loves a Lottery Winner, Unless it’s a Registered Sex Offender: Mr. Mayo of the Sun Sentinel is Equating Such a Situation to the New Law Denying Nazi’s Social Security and Has Suggested State Lawmakers Take Action So it Never Happens Again

OK… I have avoided this Florida story for days now. I really try not to get sucked into stories like this, I try to rise above the fray but every time I check online news or turn on the television for the morning, afternoon or evening news there’s another writer, editorial, commentary or reporter talking about the Registered Sex Offender who won the Florida lottery followed by the publics ignorant and hateful response that he shouldn’t be allowed to keep the money because he doesn’t deserve it or that there should be a law making it illegal for RSO’s to play or win lotteries in the future.