Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler of “Fact Checker” Changes his Opinion on the “1 in 5” Campus Sexual Assault Claim From a Non-Rating in May to a Pinocchio in December…. After Countless Articles and Editorials Disprove it……Better Late Than Never….. I Guess.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while might remember my May 1, 2014 post on Glenn Kessler’s (Washington Post) “Fact Checker” on the 1 in 5 Campus Sexual Assault claim that is constantly repeated by the President, the Vice-President, Federal Legislators, Virginia State Legislators, The Virginia Attorney General, Victim’s Advocates, Feminists, etc in which Mr. Kessler refused to make a ruling. 

I wrote to Mr. Kessler back in May expressing my disappointment that he refused to take a solid stand on the issue, one way or the other. 

Well for the last 6 months I have posted article after article on the “1 in 5 claim” being biased, misleading, the lowest common denominator, unethical and pretty much…..pure propaganda. 

Today Mr. Kessler changed his ruling (after countless reporters and columnists did all the research on the issue) and a USDOJ report was issued this month...... to a Pinocchio Rating. 

Better late than never, I guess. 


Fact Checker- One in five women in college sexually assaulted: an update on this statistic, December 17, 2014