Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 2015 Report from Virginia State Police on the Monitoring of Sex Offenders Required to Comply with the Registry - We've Exceeded 21,300 RSO’s AND As of November 2014 1 out of every 148 Adult Males in Virginia is a Registered Sex Offender

                                                          Virginia Sex Offender Registry                                                                           
2009 Report  Last 12 months as of 12/1/2008
2011 Report          Last 12 months as of 12/1/2010
2013 Report  Last 12 months as of 12/1/2012
2015 Report    Last 13.5 months as of 11/25/2014
Annual Average
Quantity of Registered Sex Offenders (RSO's) Incarcerated *
Quantity of RSO's under VA-DOC Probation Supervision *
Quantity of RSO's under VA State Police (VSP) Supervision *
Total RSO's in Virginia *
RSO Increase from Previous Year
Not Known
Number of New RSO's Added to Virginia Registry Every Week
Not Known
Number of New RSO's Added to Virginia Registry Every Month
Not Known
Ratio of Virginians on the Registry
1 out of every 523
1 out of every 454
1 out of every 410
1 out of every 375
Ratio of Adult (18 year or older) Virginians on the  Registry
1 out of every 401
1 out of every 348
1 out of every 314
1 out of every 287
Ratio of Adult, Males on the Virginia Registry **
1 out of every 207
1 out of every 179
1 out of every 162
1 out of every 148
* = 57 weeks not 52 weeks
State Population Numbers taken from 2010 U.S. Census
*        -January 1st Yearly Virginia State Police (VSP) Report: Monitoring of Registered Sex Offenders for the Governor and General Assembly
**     - 95% of the Virginia Registry is Male per 2012 VA Crime Report. VSP declined to reply to both a February 2011 & a May 2012 FOIA request for Male v. Female totals.

Note: I can email the full chart 2008 to 2014 to anyone who wants to see it; it is just too long to fit on the blog now.

The 2015 Report  from the Virginia State Police (VSP) on Monitoring Sex Offenders is now available on-line for those of you who are interested, I have also added it to the VSP Report page. 

For quick comparison here is the 2014 Report . 

1) From 2009 until 2013 the RSO count was from December 1st so all comparisons were apples to apples. 

Then in the 2014 report is was taken from October 16th (six weeks earlier than previous years) making the growth look extremely low and making comparisons more like apples to oranges. 

So for 2015 would they go back to December 1st or continue on with October 16th as the jumping off point? 

Ahhhhhhh, neither! 

This year the count of RSO’s in Virginia was taken on November 25th, five days earlier than most years but 40 days later than the 2014 count. 

So keep this in mind when I cover growth of the Virginia registry. 

2015 Virginia General Assembly Session Begins in 4 Weeks on Wednesday January 14, 2015 in Richmond, VA

Just a few reminders…….. 

How a Bill Becomes a Law in Virginia outlines the process of a bill moving through the Virginia Legislature as well as the short and long session. 

7 out of the last 10 Virginia General Assemblies the #1 Bill Submissions requiring a Fiscal Impact Statement were “Sex Offender” bills. 

To follow proposed legislation that affects current Registered Sex Offenders, creates new Sex Offenders or changes relevant law in Virginia keep checking the 2015 Virginia G.A. - Proposed Legislation page. 

To contact Virginia Delegates and Senators who sit on the 3 Committees that hear the proposed legislation that affects current Registered Sex Offenders, creates new Sex Offenders or changes relevant law in Virginia go to the 2015 Virginia G.A. - Committee Members page. 

Three new brochures I will be sharing with Virginia’s 140 Legislators and members of the public, lobbyists, State employees and other advocates who visit the Virginia General Assembly building during the 2015 session:
  1. October 2014 - Building a Better Registry Brochure 

The 113th U.S. Congress Has Adjourned So All Pending Legislation Has Expired Including the International Megan’s Law HR4573

The 113th Congress (2013 & 2014) adjourned on December 17, 2014 for the holiday season; all members that did not run for re-election or win re-election are packing up.

When the US Congress and Senate members return on January 6, 2015 they and all the newly elected members will be sworn in to begin the 114th Congress (2015 to 2016). 

This means all pending bills (proposed legislation) that did not pass both chambers (US House/Congress and the US Senate) before yesterday have expired.  So any action items for Federal Legislation are no longer active (including the International Megan’s Law) and I have removed the widgets from the right side of the Home page of all the bills to watch.

New Federal proposals with new bill numbers will begin to be submitted in January 2015 (including many duplicates from 2014) the 2015 bills will remain active until the end of 2016 unless they fail the first chamber, fail the second chamber or signed by the President and become law. 

As the new Federal bills are posted in 2015 I will add their widgets with the bill numbers, patrons, title and brief summary to the right side menu but there may be a bit of delay as the 2015 Virginia General Assembly will begin on January 14th and bills here in the Commonwealth will take precedence.

WSET - Lynchburg, Danville and Roanoke, Virginia Takes a Texas Story and Tries to Turn it Into a Virginia Problem and the Need for Another Legal Restriction Against Virginia RSO’s

I almost didn’t post this article because by doing so someone is going to get the great idea to propose a law which is exactly why WSET ran the story. 

But WSET already started the ball rolling so my post can’t be to blame. 


Business Won't Say If They Do Background Checks on Local Mall Santas, December 17, 2014
Lynchburg, VA - A Baytown, Texas man dressed up as Santa Claus, but he is a registered sex offender... who served time for sexually assaulting an 11 year old boy.
There are no laws there to keep it from happening... and as we told you -- here in Virginia either.
So ABC 13 checked with River Ridge mall in Lynchburg to see if they do background checks.
They told us they contract with an outside company for their Santas - Cherry Hill Photo.
But when we tried to ask them if they do background checks-- they refused to answer any questions.
Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Doucette says there are only two jobs that the Code of Virginia prohibits registered sex offenders from holding-- -a school bus driver, and a tow truck driver.
And of course they're prohibited from being near schools, parks and the like.