Wednesday, December 24, 2014

America Continues to Dehumanize Former Offenders Who Have Paid Their Court-Ordered Debt to Society by Exacerbating the Difficulties of Reintegration with Personal Attacks, Gross Distortions, Hateful Diatribes, Mean-Spirited Discussions, Vitriol and Old Testament Retribution

Once punished, criminals deserve a second chance, December 15, 2014
By Bruce Maiman

It was a troublesome Facebook post from a conservative talk show host at a Santa Rosa radio station. Promoting an upcoming segment, last week’s post read: 

“Former KGO Radio Talk Show Host Bernie Ward, convicted of child pornography seven years ago, is going to be released from federal prison in time for Christmas. Where will he go? Are your children safe? Is he truly rehabilitated as he claims?” 

In some 100 comments, most called Ward, who was politically liberal, all sorts of vile names in the firm conviction that “There is NO rehab for these kinds of animals!”