Thursday, January 29, 2015

Action Alert: HB1366 the "Recipe for Disaster" Bill Pitting RSO Parents Who Are Petitioning the Court to Drop-Off & Pick-up Their Own Children From Daycare /School Against Complete Strangers Who Hate RSO's, Moves Forward to the Virginia House Floor for a Vote

Well readers Delegate Campbell’s bill HB1366 passed out (sailed through) of the House Courts of Justice Full Committee yesterday and onto the House floor for a vote.  

Not ONE Delegate voted against it.  

Not ONE Delegate asked questions about it. 

Not ONE Delegate raised any concerns about it. 

As the bill passed out of the Full Committee I did not expect them to ask for any audience input (because it was a unanimous vote in Criminal Sub Committee) but I at least expected a few Delegates to discuss the collateral consequences of this bill, especially after the ACLU of Virginia was quoted being against the proposal after the Criminal Sub-Committee. 

I appreciate all of you who have emailed and called your two Representatives asking them to vote “No” on HB1366 but now I am asking ALL of you to email ALL 100 Virginia Delegates today before they begin the 3 votes on the House floor. 

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HB1366 will most likely be in a "block vote" on the floor of the House, these happens when there haven't been ANY "No" votes in Committee. Ask the Delegates to remove HB1366 from the Block Vote and discuss what this proposal really does to the parents and the children of Virginia.
Here are the email addresses for every Virginia Delegate: 

Note: You may need to break it up into 3 or 4 email’s depending on which email system/service you use; many of them don’t allow 100 addresses at once. 

Thank you!