Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Action Items for the Proposed "Supplemental" Registries for Pre-1994 Sex Convictions: SB1074, HB1353 and SB934 (so far) AKA Robby’s Rule

Yesterday (the day before the official start of the 2015 Virginia General Assembly session) I visited the GA building for about 3 hours. I scattered more than a 1000 Building a Better Registry Brochures and more than 750 Dissemination of Info Rack Cards across 7 floors. I also stopped by the offices of all the newly elected State Representatives and a few veteran lawmakers to either introduce myself (because they’ve been receiving my email’s for months) or to discuss my concerns about the bills I will be opposing this session. 

As of yesterday afternoon we can add Senator Ryan McDougle (my representative) to the list of Virginia lawmakers attempting to create an on-line public VSP “Supplemental Registry” for pre-1994 convictions with SB1074. Now I’m expecting another one or two versions to post in LIS since it appears to be a popular bandwagon for the 2015 session. 

Senator McDougle doesn’t call his version “Robby’s Rule” like Ramdan’s HB1353 and Wexton’s SB934 . 

I’ll give it to McDougle at least in his version he nailed down a timeframe of convictions from July 1, 1980, and before July 1, 1994  instead of possibly going back to 1970 or even 1960, but other than that one point his bill as the other 2 are a terrible, terrible idea.
I am going to save my specific opposition points against these bills for my pubic statements in the House Sub-committee and Senate Full Committee meetings, after all I need to have something new to say and holding specific Committee members attention has always been an uphill battle. 

But I will say this about the three bills (that I know about)……. An online Legislatively approved, Government (VSP) managed database of citizens convicted of sex crimes from 20, 25, 30, 35 or even 40 years ago that the public can access, is a Sex Offender Registry. And implementing a VSP run database of ONLY sex crimes (misdemeanor and felony) pre-1994 and NOT ALL crimes (misdemeanor and felony) pre-1994 is NOT equal justice under the law. 

There have been numerous court rulings across the U.S. overturning Legislatures who retroactively mandated pre-Registry convictions to be posted on-line because they were either denied due process, it was a violation of ex post facto or it was ruled a punishment because they had successfully reentered society decades ago and once posted they lost jobs, homes, friends and the ability to participate in their children and grandchildren’s lives. 

All versions of the proposed Virginia “Supplemental” Sex Offender Registry (Robby’s Rule) are not about justice, they are not about preventing future crimes and they are not about the public’s right to know.  

No one has “fallen through the cracks” nor is it “closing a loophole” and such claims are disingenuous. 

All versions of the proposed Virginia “Supplemental” Sex Offender Registry (Robby’s Rule) are vindictive and self-serving, because Rob Buswell wants his own abusers previous conviction (pre-1994) posted on his current VSP listing.

All versions of the proposed VirginiaSupplemental” Sex Offender Registry (Robby’s Rule) are being cloaked under the guise of just making felony convictions part of public record. If that’s the case, then the lawmakers should list every conviction in Virginia on a VSP run Registry for our citizens to be able to search, not just sex crimes which have the second lowest recidivism rate of ANY crime in the U.S. If the patrons are really interested in the public knowing about convictions then why not post those who have 20 and 30% recidivism rates? 

Why are these patrons just picking on the sexual convictions? Because it’s easy to get support, everyone hates “Sex Offenders” the public disgust and belief in their high recidivism rates have come from years of politicians claiming high risk and 100% re-offense rates, all of which are untrue. 

So I’m ready to oppose these three bills (plus any additional ones) that are NOT based on any facts but on myth, fear, anger, disgust and vengeance. And I will do so with facts as I have done for the last 6 sessions. 

Please Email or call your one Virginia Delegate and your one Virginia Senator to voteNoon every version of a “Supplemental” Registry during this years GA session! 

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Mary Devoy