Thursday, January 29, 2015

HB2129 Patroned by Virginia Delegate Monty Mason Takes Away 3 More Employment Options for Virginia RSO’s


VA lawmaker: 40-hour police training 'completely unacceptable', February 9, 2015
"The status quo is completely unacceptable," said Senator Norment who is pushing Senate Bill 1195.
The bill would prohibit Special Conservators of the Peace from using the title police on their badge, uniform or vehicle. They couldn't use blue flashing lights or sirens. It would also prohibit registered sex offenders from being appointed.
"I doubt very seriously you would want someone performing a security task at an apartment complex who was on a sex offender registry," said Senator Norment.

Original Post:

So I just found HB2129 bill today (see below), sorry for the delay. 

It’s already been heard by the Sub and Full Committees it now heads to the House floor for a Full vote. 

I’ve reread the bill 4 times now and I’ve decided I am not going to oppose it.  

I already thought Security Companies would have a policy of no one convicted of a felony or that has to register as a Sex Offender could be a Security Officer. 

It is already Virginia law that an RSO (Non-Violent or Violent)
  1. Can NOT be licensed as a Bail Enforcement Agent
  2. Can NOT be any type of law-enforcement officer
If the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services licenses Security Guards and Bail Bondsman then it does make sense that no one with a felony conviction or that has to register as a Sex Offender could obtain such a license. 

For those of you who disagree with my stance on this bill, I’m sorry. Just know I've previously opposed the CDL revocation and we got that amended so RSO’s who held CDL’s and made their living driving did NOT lose their career or ability to provide for their families, in the end they just were prohibited from driving school and daycare charters a reasonable request.

I carefully weigh all pros and cons, I consider the intent of a bill, then if there is research or 20 years data on an issue I look at that, then I move onto the collateral damage and unintended consequences before I make a decision on a bill stance and sometimes I change my mind mid-way through session due to substitutes and amendments. I will continue to monitor HB2129 for any changes. 

If you oppose this bill please feel free to contact your State Delegate and State Senator immediately and share your concerns on HB2129. 


HB2129:          Barriers to licensure or registration; certain DCJS regulated industries 

Sponsor/ Patron:                         T. Montgomery "Monty" Mason
Co-Sponsors/ Co-Patrons:      None Yet
Bill Text as Introduced:
Barriers to licensure or registration; private security services businesses; bail bondsmen; bail enforcement agents; special conservators of the peace. Prohibits persons who are currently the subject of a protective order or who are required to register as a sex offender from obtaining a license or registration from the Department of Criminal Justice Services for the private security industry, bail bonding industry, and special conservators of the peace program. 

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Bill History:
1.        01/14/15  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/14/15 15101831D
6.       01/28/15  House: Committee substitute printed 15104280D-H1