Thursday, January 1, 2015

On a Personal Note: Mom has Left this Earth to Join Dad in Heaven

Well readers I have never gotten personal on this blog, I believe in staying on topic……but today I am going to stray off the typical path and get a little personal.  

The last 6 weeks have been a rollercoaster of downs, ups and then downs again.  

My mother has left us and joined my father who had been waiting for her in heaven for a little over 7 years.  

I’ve searched my archives for photos of mom and dad together and they are sparse. We never had a tripod or a camera with a timer so that everyone would be included in every photo, in our house someone had to be on the backside of the camera as the photographer to capture the moment in time and it was usually mom or dad. 

They were married for 52 years and I think they did a great job raising two well rounded children who give back to society and try to make it a better place for others. I’ve felt my father with me during the last 6 G.A. sessions when I’ve been faced with an uphill battle, an angry or unprofessional Legislator and during those daunting walks to the podium to openly oppose bills in a crowded room that no on else has the courage to oppose and now I’ll also have mom's spirit with me in two weeks when the 2015 session begins in Richmond. 

I’m not on Facebook (because I refuse to join a site/group that has a blanket “No Sex Offender” policy) and mom requested no obituary or funeral which we have honored but I am going to share the photographs of mom and dad that I do have here with all of you. 

Let’s all start the New Year appreciating and remembering family and friends, past and present. 

Enjoy the photos everyone! 


1981 or  1982

1985 or 1986





1996 or 1997