Monday, January 5, 2015

Texas’s Sex Offender Management, Registration, Housing, its SVP Program and its Judiciary ALL Need a Complete Overhaul!

Over the last 9 + months there have been some outlandish Texas stories, cases and issues but reading today’s list of restrictions for the SVP’s in Texas under civil commitment (who live in the communities, not relegated to a facility) finally pushed me to post a handful of these RSO Texas articles.  

Maintaining housing, employment and compliance as an RSO in the Lone Star State is beyond impossible especially when they are instructing you how you are permitted to look at others, how you are allowed to watch television, how you are allowed to masturbate when alone and how you are allowed to fantasize when you are alone. Oh and if you don’t know you will be late 45 minutes before you are actually late and fail to notify them those 45 minutes ahead of time, Violation! 

Thank goodness we aren’t in Texas folks! 


Texas' sex offender program has long list of rules, January 5, 2014
By Brian Reynolds

Offenders in Texas’ civil commitment program are required to abide by a host of rules relating to their confinement, monitoring, interactions, treatment and sexual activity. Violations of the rules can result in criminal charges, a jury trial and imprisonment. 

From sex offenders being moved into neighborhoods without notice, to Old West style banishments from the state, Texas' controversial civil commitment program has been under fire for the past year.

And one of the most hot-button issues with the program is the inability to get out. Released sex offenders have to follow a long list rules ranging from no contact with children, to being barred from having a post office box. 

Now, the judge who has nearly sole jurisdiction over the program is facing increased scrutiny from the legislature. State Sen. John Whitmire, chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, said he will ask the state Commission on Judicial Conduct next week to investigate state District Judge Michael Seiler amid charges of bias and alleged improprieties in his court, as detailed in Mike Ward and Anita Hassan's report on

1.      I agree to submit to penile plethysmograph exams (a test to measure bloodflow to the penis) as directed by the treatment provider… I agree to comply with all requirements of the plethysmograph exam process. I agree to continue to take plethysmograph exams until it yields valid results. … I agree I will not use counter-measures while the PPG is being administered which could ultimately interfere with the validity of the instrument.
2.     I agree not to look at others in a sexual way while driving or walking.
3.     I agree not to use deviant masturbation. Deviant masturbation is masturbating while having deviant fantasies. Not all masturbation is deviant masturbation. … Positive masturbation occurs when I think about my current partner while masturbating. I understand that positive masturbation is acceptable
4.     I agree not to have sexual contact with two or more persons at one time
5.      I shall not own, possess, borrow or use a Post Office box.
6.     I shall not possess or display pictures of children without prior approval from the case manager and the treatment provider.
7.      I shall not enroll in, attend or enter an institution of higher learning, including public or private community college, junior college or university, or enter any of their facilities, off site or otherwise, without approval of the case manager and the treatment provider.
8.     I agree to have a written assignment ready to present every group treatment session. I agree that partially completed work is not acceptable. I agree to be working on revisions of worksheets or new versions of worksheets at all times. I agree to be prepared to present at least twenty minutes of worksheet material from my client handbook every group therapy session.
9.     I agree not to create deviant sexual fantasies. A sexual fantasy is a mental image of a sexual act between me and another person. A deviant sexual fantasy is a sexual fantasy about me and anyone other than my current intimate partner.
10.  I agree not to channel surf because sometimes this results in me seeing sexually explicit images.
11.   I agree not to have sex with a person who I am not in a committed, monogamous relationship with. I agree not to have sex with a person that I have not told about my sex offense.
12.  I shall not possess, own or drive a motor vehicle. This prohibition may be modified by the case manager.
13.  I agree not to drink alcohol or use illegal drugs will in treatment. I agree not to work in business where the sale of alcohol is the primary source of business.
14.  I understand if I am at an appointment and it will not be completed as scheduled, it is my responsibility to contact the case manager 45 minutes prior to my scheduled time back to the residential facility/alternate residential placement.
15.   I agree that I will not be over-confident and think that it is impossible for me to commit a new sex offense.
16.  I shall not have any contact or cause to be contacted, with family members, casual relations or friends unless approved by the case manager and the treatment provider. I understand that contact means physical and/or verbal contact including but not limited to being in the presence of a person. This includes touching, patting, hugging, kissing, fondling, rubbing, holding or communicating by talking to a person over the phone, by Internet, in writing, through a third person or other means directly or indirectly. I agree that I will report any incidental contacts to the treatment provider and the case manager.
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