Tuesday, February 3, 2015

HB1366 “Recipe for Disaster Bill” Will be Voted on by Full Virginia House TODAY!

3PM February 3rd Update: 

HB1366 remained in the uncontested “block” along with 57 other bills of varying topics for them all to be voted on at once. Not one Delegate asked for it to be removed from the “block vote” to be discussed.  
HB1366 passed 98-0 (2 Delegates didn’t vote) out of the Virginia House and now it goes onto to the Virginia Senate. 
Bill passes on requirements for Va. school access for sex offenders, February 3, 2015
I will oppose this bill when it is heard in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. I will post an alert when it is scheduled so anyone who wants to come to Richmond and oppose this bill can, but there could be less than 24 hours notice. 

8AM Original Post: 

WTVR: Should sex offenders be allowed to visit their own child at school? February 3, 2015
There is a poll asking if this bill should pass! 
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I just emailed the below to all 100 Virginia Delegates! 

Dear Virginia Delegates, 

You will be voting on HB1366 today.  

With HB1366 EVERY, SINGLE petition filed by a parent attempting to take their own children to and from school will now require additional police presence inside and out of the courthouse, to deescalate the inevitable “Angry Mob” AND media presence. The odds of a violent encounter in the parking lot, possibly in front of the child whose parent has filed the petition are extremely high. Imagine the bullying the child of the RSO will endure between the newspaper announcements and the public hearing, this is a recipe for disaster. 

The public outcry and the pressure will result in every Judge in the Commonwealth denying every petition. This I believe is the true intent of HB1366, NOT because parents have a right to know. 

Harassment and intimidation tactics instead of facts will Rule Virginia Courts.  

Do we allow complete strangers to testify in:
  • Divorce Hearings?
  • Custody Hearings?
  • Restraining Orders?
  • Commitment Hearings
No…and for good reason! 

Our Rule of Law does not apply to a select segment of society that the majority deems worthy, it applies to ALL of society, including those who are openly despised like Registered Sex Offenders. 

Our courts are supposed to protect the individual liberties of every citizen who comes before it; HB1366 strips that protection completely away. 

Creating laws and procedures only for sex crimes that are driven by visceral revulsion can ONLY result in self-defeating policies, unconstitutional laws and cruel punishments, those might look good in a election brochure but they do not serve justice or our citizens well. 

Every citizen in the Commonwealth deserves a fair and impartial hearing in front of a fair and impartial judge; HB1366 creates a biased, divisive and skewed environment where a fair outcome is impossible. 

The House Criminal Sub Committee failed to even discuss the issues that HB1366, even though I raised very valid points against it. So then it was placed it in a block vote in the Full Committee and no one there pulled it out; it just sailed through with NO discussion and if ANY bill needs to be discussed, it’s HB1366. 

HB1366 is on today’s’ Floor Calendar and of course it’s on the uncontested calendar; would one of you please pull it out of the block vote and actually discuss what this bill does to families and our system of law? 

If anyone understands how difficult it is NOT to get on the anti-Sex Offender bandwagon, it’s me.  

Doing the right thing for our citizens isn’t always the popular or easy route but for successful re-entries, cohesive family units and for justice to be served in our courts some courage is desperately needed here with HB1366 and I hope someone can muster that courage to discuss this bill on the floor today. 


Mary Devoy