Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hypocrisy in America: An Ex-Felon Convicted of Drug Manufacturing and Delivery Wins the Lottery and Everyone Says He Deserves it, He’s Paid His Debt to Society. A Registered Sex Offender Wins the Lottery and Everyone Says Take the Jackpot Away From Him and Hey, How About Making it Illegal for an RSO to Win a Large Lottery Jackpot in the Future.

A man who was convicted in 1994 of manufacturing and delivering cocaine, he served 11/12 years of a 25 year sentence in prison has come forward as the single winner of the largest Illinois lottery prize (see articles below) . 

  1. Does EVERY news article say he’s a convicted felon or Drug manufacturer?
  2. Are people up in arms about an ex-felon winning the largest lottery jackpot in their state?
  3. Do the people of Illinois want the jackpot revoked?
  4. Are attorneys and lawmakers asking to freeze his winnings so that anyone previously harmed by his 21 year old crime can take his winnings as restitution?
  5. Are reporters on news stations condemning him for his 1994 conviction or for being allowed to keep this jackpot?
No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

So why can a convicted drug dealer win a lottery in the U.S. and receive nothing but praise and good wishes but when someone convicted of a sex crime wins a lottery ( everyone jumps on the hate-bandwagon, condemning him, saying he doesn’t’ deserve it, daring anyone who was affected by his past crime to come forward and take the prize OR contemplating that it should be illegal for an ex-felon to even win the lottery? 

All of these examples have happened when Registered Sex Offenders have won lotteries in the U.S. (see link above). 

Well folks…..that’s America………..a country of contradictions, of hypocrites and of double standards. 

America.....the land of the free, of opportunity and second chances .....unless you're a Registered Sex Offender, the spouse of a Sex Offender, the parents of a Sex Offender or the children of a Sex Offender.
If it’s a sex crime myth, hype, hate, eternal damnation, continued punishment, prejudice and public shaming ......ALL ......rule the day. 
ANY other crime (even murder) and the ex-felon has paid their debt to society, they deserve a second chance, forgiveness and good fortune. But an RSO, take it away, make a public spectacle by advertising his/her conviction and try to make it illegal in the future! 
Mary Devoy
Naperville man who did time in prison wins Illinois' biggest lottery prize, February 24, 2015
It’s an enormous change of fortune for a man, who court records and his spokesman confirmed, was convicted of a drug felony for manufacture and delivery of cocaine two decades ago, and served a year in jail and 11 years in prison for the 25-year sentence.
Davila’s spokesman, Robert Kolt, said that he didn’t know the details of the 1994 charges, but that he had never been in trouble before the conviction, or since. Davila is a good man who served his time, Kolt said.
“It was a long time ago. He paid his debt to society,” Kolt said. “He’s a good person, and anyone can win the lottery.”

Naperville lottery winner sets record, has record, February 24, 2015
Davila, a native of Puerto Rico who came to the U.S. when he was 6, was taken into custody in Cook County in 1994 on charges of manufacturing and delivery of cocaine, said Nicole Wilson, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Corrections. Davila entered state prison in Joliet in 1995 and served his time in Stateville and Vienna before being paroled in 2006.
Davila's spokesman Robert Kolt confirmed the conviction but said troubles with the law are in his client's past. Plus, "anybody can win the lottery."
"Jesus has served his debt to society. He's never had an issue or problem before or after," Kolt said. "He's a good man. He's got a good heart."
Naperville Lottery Winner Served 12 Years in Prison on Drug Charges, February 24, 2015
Davila’s spokesperson Robert Kolt confirmed his conviction to the publication, but contests he has since become a changed man.
“It was a long time ago, he paid his debt to society,” Kolt told the publication. “He’s a good person and anyone can win the lottery.”

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