Sunday, March 15, 2015

14 Year Old Fairfax Virginia Male Will Become a Lifetime Violent Sex Offender Because Our Laws Label Him a Perpetrator Even Though He Is Legally Too Young to Consent to Sex Acts with an Older Teen

This 14 year old (see below article) needs therapy and treatment, NOT to spend the next 2-15 years in a juvenile detention facility/adult prison plus a lifetime on the VSP Virginia Sex Offender Registry.  

He very well might have been the victim of sexual abuse himself and was reenacting what had been done to him. 

But if that turns out to be the case, none of it will matter because in Virginia a 14 year old that has committed a sexual offense will be institutionalized and then mostly will be labeled a Violent Sex Offender for the rest of their life.  

If he’s institutionalized his chances of becoming a sexual assault/rape victim ( , in the juvenile or adult facility are extremely high and in fact such a sentence makes him more likely to be a dangerous adult instead of the treatable juvenile that he is today. 

If he is convicted this young male will be banished from ever residing with his parents as his younger brother was a victim, which means he’ll have NO family support. 

He’ll have no high school diploma, no college education. 

He will receive no job skills and will never have a “career”. 

He will have no social skills whatsoever. 

He will have extreme difficulties in securing housing or employment. 

He’ll be under lengthy VA-DOC supervision, he’ll have to pay for court-order therapy sessions, maybe court-ordered polygraphs or GPS monitoring, he’ll probably be forbidden from having Internet access, but required to find employment, housing and pay court fines.   

Every employer, landlord, neighbor and co-worker will see he was convicted of child pornography and/or sexual abuse of a minor but they will never know that he was himself a minor and under any other circumstances unable to consent to sexual activity in the Commonwealth. 

The older he gets the worse the conviction appears to those who find his VSP Registry posting. 

As for finding a wife or a significant other and raising a family, as a public Sex Offender prohibited from daycare and school property who would want to get involved with someone who always lives under the threat of a felony? 

Just about no one! 

The laws that have been written, the mandatory minimum sentences that exist, the duty to register and all the restrictions that go along with being a publicly listed Sex Offender, should NEVER apply to a 14 year old but thanks to myth, fear, hate and grandstanding they do in Virginia! 

Mary Devoy 


Virginia 14-Year-Old Accused of Kik App Child Porn Scheme, March 7, 2015
By  David Culver

A 14-year-old Fairfax boy is accused of creating a contest to generate child pornography.

The juvenile allegedly masterminded the disturbing scheme through the popular social app Kik, which boasts more than 200 million users who can share messages, photos and videos with made-up screen names.

“We talk to kids now and they say, 'Well my parents are on Facebook so we’re not using Facebook anymore.' And Kik is now what they’re using,” said Lt. James Bacon of Fairfax County Police’s Child Exploitation Unit.

Bacon follows the social trends and says Kik has become increasingly popular among young teens. "A predator is the fisherman, and Kik right now is the pond that’s stocked with all the fish,” he said.

A search warrant revealed a recent case involving the app.

A detective in Tempe, Arizona, began investigating a 12-year-old in that jurisdiction who had submitted nude images to the screen name “AAAproductions” on Kik.

“AAAproductions" claimed to offer the chance to win $30,000 for child pornography.

Police traced the IP address to a home in a Fairfax City neighborhood.

The affidavit says the father answered the door and turned over two of his children’s cell phones. Police said they found child pornography on one of them. 

According to the warrant, police found “numerous images of child pornography” that were “recorded in Fairfax County” on the 14-year-old suspect's phone. 

The suspect was allegedly “sexually abusing his younger brother” and “another unknown young male” in the videos. 

Part of the problem for police is finding the person behind the screen name. 

Another issue is that Kik is a Canadian company. 

However, Bacon said, “In the last few months they’ve become very good at honoring court subpoenas and court documents.” 

Bacon stressed the company itself operates legitimately and within the law. That puts much of the burden on parents, he said. 

“It’s your kid and your phone and you need to know what your kid’s doing on the phone,” he said. "Your kid should not have a password that you don’t have.” 

The 14-year-old is in the Fairfax County Juvenile Detention Center facing several charges.