Thursday, March 26, 2015

Woman Buys Billboard in Campbell County Virginiato Tell Everyone Her Father (Who Resides There) was Convicted of a Pre-VSP Registry Crime, Calling Him a Sex Offender

Video: Woman posts billboard to warn of father's criminal conviction, March 26, 2015
Campbell County, Virginia

Robby’s Rule 2015 if signed into law by the Governor which is a terrible, terrible proposal wouldn’t go back far enough (July 1980 to July 1884) to satisfy Tamara Martin (1975/76) vengeful goal. If her father has not been accused or convicted of a sexual crime since 1976 then he has made a successful re-entry and demanding a public label for someone I’m guessing is a senior citizen doesn’t help anyone except Ms. Martin’s self-serving goal to humiliate and destroy her father’s ability to survive in a small town.  

Ms. Martin might be protected under the right to free speech but this billboard is harassment, the attempt to defame and an act of vigilantism cloaked under the typical mantra…… the public has a right to know. A claim I’ve been hearing for the last 7 years of advocating for data-driven reform of our registry but yet myth, fear and hate are all too often the genesis and outcome of most of our newly passed laws. 

I’m sorry, but the public does NOT have a right to know what you’ve been previously convicted of. America has become a country of busy-bodies, snoops, finger-pointers and labelers and it’s just getting worse, not better.  

There appears no stopping this run-away train as long as people can claim it’s for public safety or if it saves one person don’t bother considering the hundreds and thousands of citizens the proposal will destroy. 

If he hasn't been accused or convicted of committing another crime in the last 40 years (yes, it's been 40 years) then leave him alone. He served his court-ordered punishment and it's appears he's successfully re-entered society, exactly what we ask of our ex-offenders.  

When vengeance, fear, hate and myth (high recidivism rates or extreme dangerousness) instead of facts and data-driven reforms rule our lives and our laws, then we all lose.

Mary Devoy