Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are You Finding the Information You are Looking For? It’s All Here.

  1. Daily new articles from across the country are added to the In the News page.
  2. Older articles get moved to Archived News page until they become more than one year old and then they are deleted.
  3. Books, Studies, Reports page
  4. Virginia’s Legal Restrictions and Regulations for RSO’s page (Do’s and Don’ts) AND for Legal Do’s and Don’ts Brochure
·         Virginia School Bus Stops
  1. Virginia Legislative Goals page  AND Building a Better Registry Brochure
  2. Annual VSP Monitoring Report of ALL RSO’s
  3. Virginia Code (Legal Statutes) for ALL Sex Crimes and Registration Issues
  4. Employer Info for All 50 States
  5. Type of Registry: Risk or Conviction Based / Public or Private for All 50 States
  6. How Many RSO’s are in each State? Track the Last 7 years of growth in ALL 50 States
  7. Sex Offender Registration: Constitutional or Unconstitutional – List of Court Challenges and Rulings page
  8. Real Recidivism (Re-Offense) Rates for Registered Sex Offenders
  9. Traveling as a Registered Sex Offender
  10. What about AWA and SORNA ?
  11. Do you know who your State Representatives are? How about your Federal Representatives?
  12. For 2015 Virginia General Assembly and Legislation information (page will get deleted in November in anticipation of 2016 GA session)
  13. For 2015 Federal Legislation, look down the right side of the Home page under the U.S. Capitol photograph for widgets from
Plus all the posts (newest on the Homes page) that include news articles, editorials, action items, pending legislation and much, much more. 

Mary Devoy