Saturday, May 9, 2015

June 9, 2015 is Primary Day in Virginia. ALL 140 State Seats Are Up for Re-Election on November 3, 2015!

Why should you care about who represents you in Richmond every year? Because THEY represent YOU!

Most Virginians wrongly assume that what happens in Washington, D.C. when it comes to passing new laws is much more important than what is happening in their State Legislature. The majority of laws that affect our daily lives are State laws, not Federal. Most laws affecting Registered Sex Offenders are State laws, not Federal 

What happens at the annual Virginia General Assembly in Richmond is extremely important and you should know who the candidates are, if there is a Primary for your House or Senate District in June you should vote on the 9th and on November 3rd if there is a contested race (more than one candidate running) you should get out an vote! 

Every two years Virginia Delegates (100) run for re-election and every four years Virginia Senators (40) run for re-election. This November 3, 2015 ALL 140 seats are up for grabs. 

If there is more than one candidate vying for the same political party seat then they participate in the June Primary, the winner will then go on to represent their party in the November election.

As of today:
                Candidates for Virginia House
·       68 out of the 100 House seats have candidates from only one political party running, that’s 68% running uncontested.
                Candidates for Virginia Senate
·       23 out of the 40 Senate seats have candidates from only one political party running, that’s 57.49% running uncontested. 

11 current Legislators are retiring (no incumbents) so there will definitely be a new representative in the following districts.

Virginia Legislators Retiring or Stepping Down in 2015: 

1.       Senator Charles Colgan          Democrat 
                29th District includes:
·         Manassas City (All)
·         Manassas Park City (All)
·         Prince William County (Part) 

Current Delegate Michael Futtrell Democrat will be running for 29th Senate seat so his current seat for the 2nd House will not have an incumbent in November. 

2.      Senator Jeff McWaters           Republican
                8th District includes:
·         Virginia Beach City (Part)  

Current Delegate Bill DeSteph Republican will be running for 8th Senate seat if he wins the June 9th Primary his current seat for the 82nd House will not have an incumbent in November. 

3.      Senator Toddy Puller              Democrat       
                36th District includes:
·         Fairfax County (Part)
·         Prince William County (Part)
·         Stafford County (Part) 

Current Delegate Scott Surovell Democrat will be running for 36th Senate seat so his current seat for the 44th House will not have an incumbent in November. 

4.      Senator Ralph Smith               Republican
                19th District includes:
·         Bedford County (Part)
·         Carroll County (Part)
·         Floyd County (All)
·         Franklin County (Part)
·         Montgomery County (Part)
·         Roanoke County (Part)
·         Salem City (All)
·         Wythe County (Part)

5.      Senator Walter Stosch            Republican
                12th District includes:
·         Hanover County (Part)
·         Henrico County (Part) 

6.      Senator John Watkins            Republican
                10th District includes:
·         Chesterfield County (Part)
·         Powhatan County (All)
·         Richmond City (Part) 

7.       Delegate Rob Krupicka          Democrat
                45th District includes:
·         Arlington County (Part)
·         Fairfax County (Part)
·         City of Alexandria (Part) 

8.      Delegate Joe Morrissey         Originally a Democrat, then became an Independent to run in Special Election
                (Morrissey is running as an Independent for 16th Senate District in November 2015)
                74th District includes:
·         Charles City County (All)
·         Henrico County (Part)
·         Prince George County (Part)
·         City of Hopewell (Part)
·         City of Richmond (Part) 

9.      Delegate David Ramadan     Republican
                87th District includes:
·         Loudoun County (Part)
·         Prince William County (Part) 

10.   Delegate Ed Scott                    Republican
                30th District includes:
·         Culpeper County (Part)
·         Madison County (All)
·         Orange County (All) 

11.    Delegate Thomas Rust           Republican
                86th District includes:
·         Fairfax County (Part)
·         Loudoun County (Part) 

Do you know who your current State Delegate and Senator is or what District you live in???? Look it up!

Once you know who your two Representatives /District are you should contact them, introduce yourself and let them know you will be voting in November if they have an opponent.