Thursday, May 28, 2015

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence Announces Its Recommendations Today in Richmond

At 1:30pm today Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Taskforce on Combating Campus Sexual Violence held its final meeting at the Patrick Henry Building in Richmond where the 21 Recommendations of the Taskforce were presented by Attorney General Mark Herring (they were were posted online ahead of time). Plus a Ceremonial Bill Signing was held for HB1785 and SB712 / HB1930 that passed the 2015 Virginia Legislature back in February to become law on July 1st .

I attended the meeting (sitting right behind Gil and Dan Harrington) to hear what all the speakers had to say and to see if the false 1 in 5 claim was made as it had been at the very first Taskforce meeting, it wasn’t!  During a break I also asked a few Legislators (there were 12 or more in attendance) about the VSP issue I brought to their attention last week.  

As for the 21 recommendations some that will require legislation at the 2016 General Assembly session, they are all reasonable and I do not oppose any of them.  

Some sound bites that I noted during the meeting were:
  • “Proactive data-informed and evidence based prevention”
  • “Survivor Centered” and “Trauma Informed” recommendations
There were no recommendations to implement Affirmative Consent, a denial of due process for the one being accused or automatic suspension for the one being accused. If any of these points had been part of the recommendations I would be opposing them. 

Below are links to the Taskforce and news articles about today’s meeting as media advisories had been sent out a few times over the last week to guarantee a full room and media presence today. 


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