Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why Not Create.......Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry Kiosks for Registration Updates?

My husband and I had this discussion over a year ago and yesterdays experience (see earlier post, below) of no one being at a Norfolk VSP location at all (during operating hours) to take an RSO’s Registration updates because they have an unwritten “by appointment” policy has me circling back on this idea. 

Every time an RSO must register, reregister, get their photo taken or update basic information a VSP employee take the information and fills out paperwork by hand. Then that paperwork is sent to VSP Headquarters for another VSP employee to enter into the database by hand, allowing for typos, errors and delays. The majority of our RSO’s must re-register 4 times a year plus any additional residence, employment, vehicle, phone number or email changes. Last November the number of RSO’s under VSP supervision was 8,726 and under DOC Probation was 3,478, that’s at least 27,000 forms being filled out and entered in 12 months. 

Why not place VSP SOR Kiosks (like an ATM) outside every VSP Barracks in the State? 

A Registered Offender could enter their SSN and then scan their thumbprints to prove their identity to the machine. 

Then all their registered information would be displayed for them to confirm and they could change whatever data they need to, maybe even submit to a new photo if such software is available. When they completed their transaction they would receive a receipt stating exactly what they changed with a date and time stamp. Plus there could be a security camera recording the entire transaction at the kiosk that could be archived. 

These kiosks could be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

The data could also be immediately uploaded to the VSP Registry.  

With a Kiosk no VSP employee’s time is taken doing paperwork, taking updated information and loading that information. 

If a Kiosk goes out-of-order then during hours of operation that Barracks would need to have an employee taking RSO Registrations the current way until the Kiosk was repaired. 

Yes there would be an initial investment in these machines but in the end VSP employees are freed up to do other work.

Do such machines exist? I don’t know. 

Could they be manufactured? Probably.

Come on Virginia, you can figure this out! Let’s modernize the registration process, make it electronic so it updates almost instantly and no more miles of paper plus it would be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! 

Mary Devoy