Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Restoring Integrity to Virginia Sex Offender Registry Blog.......... is 2 Years Old With More than 92,000 Page Views!

Two years ago tomorrow on July 1st 2013 this blog began with a post that summarized my first 5 years of advocacy.  

I said it last year and I’m going to say it again: 

I try to be the voice of reason for those listed on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry, their spouses, their parents, their siblings, their significant others and their children when new and harsher laws and restrictions are being considered and passed against those who are labeled “Sex Offender”. 

If anyone had  told me in 2006  that I’d become a full-time volunteer advocate for a cause that is so polarizing and insights such hate , fear and anger from the public like that of Sex Offenders and the Registry, I would have told them they had lost their mind.  

You never know where life may take you but you are the one that decides how to use that knowledge and experience you’ve gained and move forward to make a positive difference. 

And it still holds true! 

One year ago this blogs "page views" totaled 30,500 for 12 months (2,541 per month).

12 months later it is now 92,036 that’s an additional 61,536 views (5,128 per month)! 

This blog has become a resource for so many people looking for critical information. Some support my efforts, some oppose them, some are just curious about the platform, some are students working on college papers, some are researchers/professors/doctors, some are media reporters and some are lawmakers. 

This blog has received hits from all over the world, even though its main goal is to keep Virginians up to date on RSO issues. The statistics section of Blogger allows me to track what operating systems and browsers visitors’ use, what countries visitors are viewing from, what other sites direct viewers to this site, what the most popular posts are AND what search phrases lead folks to this site………………. and the Top 2 (overwhelmingly) Web Questions/Searches are:
  • Travel as a Sex Offender (RSO)
  • The Legal Restrictions/Regulations for a Sex Offender (RSO) 
Thank you all for following this blog and for those of you who’ve emailed me in the last year. Your kind words, gratitude, personal stories and words of support keep me going on this uphill fight. I took on this platform not for me or for my loved one but for all of you and your family members. 


Mary Davye Devoy