Monday, August 10, 2015

John Oliver Show: Sex Education in America is Failing Our Kids

 August 9, 2015 John Oliver HBO Show

I know this video isn’t about Sex Offender Laws or Registries but the knowledge our kids are given or aren’t given in the U.S. can lead to them becoming “Sex Offenders”. Face it parents aren’t doing the job of sex education so the schools need to and when they do……… it needs to be consistent, factual and involve no shaming, belittling or suggesting they are "damaged goods" of no value or an evil-doer !!!!!!! 

So before those of you who don’t like John Oliver completely ignore the above video consider this……. Most kids/teens aren't aware of the age of consent laws in their own state or a neighboring state that their girlfriend or boyfriend may reside in OR that if they take, send, receive or share a sexual image (Sexting) of, from or with ANYONE under the age of 18 years old they’ve just violated Federal and most likely State Child Pornography laws. Plus online solicitation of a minor (talking about having sex or asking for sex) OR lying about your age when an older teen or 18 year old asks you prior to engaging in sex with them.

All of these issues should be included in Sex Education programs in the U.S.!
Just because you might not like the messenger (John Oliver), you shouldn't ignore the message. A small piece of knowledge some of the Virginia lawmakers who willfully ignore anything I say, need to consider. 

Mary Devoy

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