Friday, August 14, 2015

Rape Victim Civilly Sues Virginia Wesleyan College for $10 million, so College Demands Sexual History of Victim In Spite of the “Rape-Shield” Law

First I should mention the Washington and Lee University case.

I haven’t posted about the Washington and Lee or this Virginia Wesleyan case (see articles below) for a few reasons but since they are occurring right here in our backyard I feel I should post something….so  I have selected a few of the many, many, many articles about it. 
You can come to your own conclusion.


Virginia Wesleyan says request for sexual history has a valid basis, August 13, 2015

Virginia Wesleyan College Demands Sexual History of Student Rape Victim. Don't Get Outraged Just Yet..., August 12, 2015
Another convoluted campus-rape case out of Virginia highlights the limits of letting school bureaucrats handle assault investigations.

Another sad reason to be skeptical of brutal campus sexual assault allegations, August 12, 2015

When someone's sexual history actually might matter, August 11, 2015

College Demands to See Rape Survivor’s Entire Sexual History, August 11, 2015