Thursday, September 3, 2015

Did Aaron Berg Force His 18 Year Old Mormon Girlfriend Into Oral Sex, Threaten Her Life and Abduct Her OR......Was She Done With Their Secret Sexual Relationship and Needed an Out?


Henrico man pleads 'no contest' to abduction, sexual battery of woman he met on 'sugar daddy' site, February 10, 2016

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I usually don’t post articles about ongoing criminal sexual cases in the Commonwealth. 

But the early information about this case caught my attention:
·       Police: Teen escapes car on I-95; Glen Allen man arrested for abduction, sex crime
·       ‘Just stay behind me’ Construction worker helps teen escape I-95 abduction
·       Dad’s text instructs teen to ‘grab wheel’ during alleged Henrico abduction

and now yesterdays article (below)  is even more interesting to me. Why? Because of the whole affirmative consent “yes means yes” environment that feminists, victims advocates and sexual and domestic groups are demanding. The burden falls on the male and the female doesn’t have to be clear in with any signals or words because the man is supposed to be a mind-reader and no matter what he’s the only one responsible for any sexual actions from beginning to end. 

She was 18 years old, not a juvenile but all the initial news headlines called her “a teen”.

She was in a consensual sexual relationship with Aaron Berg aged 23, she became pregnant then miscarried and she rejected his marriage proposal but her Mormon family knew NOTHING about Aaron or their relationship.

Aaron finds texts she has exchanged with other guys and they argue. 

THEN she claims he forced her to give him oral sex, threatened with harm and abducted so she texts her father she’s in danger he tells her to grab the wheel and escape, so she does. 

Is she a victim? Did Aaron Berg really abduct her, force her to give him oral sex or threaten to harm her? 

Or was she just done with this relationship and needed an out? After all her father (and family) didn’t even know Aaron was her boyfriend or that she was having sex.

This case is going to be another she-said-he-said and the most likely outcome will be a criminal conviction, prison time and a lifetime on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry for Mr. Berg.

Mary Devoy 


Henrico abduction and sexual assault case advances, September 2, 2015
By Brandon Shulleeta

An 18-year-old woman, who accused a Henrico County man of abducting, strangling and forcibly sodomizing her, said in court Wednesday that she did not verbally reject his demand to perform a sex act on him but had signaled that she didn’t want to do it by shaking her head. 

A defense attorney for the accused, Aaron M. Berg, 28, requested that General District Judge George Barton Chucker drop the charges, but Chucker denied the request, allowing the case to go forward through the court system.

“She says she shook her head and that is the only indication ... after a long history of sexual relations,” defense attorney Craig Cooley told Chucker on Wednesday. 

Standing before Chucker, the woman responded to questions from Cooley and said that she previously had consensual sex with Berg numerous times, became pregnant with his baby, had a miscarriage and rejected his marriage proposal. She had met Berg online in May. 

The woman, from Prince Edward County, went to Berg’s house on Greenwood Glen Drive in Glen Allen on the morning of July 15 and had sex with him shortly after arriving, according to a search warrant affidavit filed by Virginia State Police special agent John P. Houlberg. 

But later that evening, Berg went through her cellphone and found messages between the 18-year-old and another male, according to the affidavit, which states that those messages led to an argument that spilled over into the next day. 

On July 16, Berg prevented her from leaving his house and broke her cellphone when she tried to call for help, threw her against a wall, strangled her multiple times and forced her upstairs, where he forced her to perform a sex act, according to the affidavit. 

“She feared for her life,” Henrico Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Toni Randall said Wednesday. “She lost consciousness.” 

According to the affidavit, Berg then made her get into his car and directed her to use his cellphone to send a text message to her parents saying that she was going out of town with her boyfriend and that she was OK. Instead, she told her father that she had been abducted, the affidavit states. 

She grabbed the steering wheel, prompting him to strike her, before Berg pulled the car over on Interstate 95 in Northern Virginia, at which point she ran away, the affidavit states. 

On Wednesday, the woman acknowledged that she struck Berg first, slapping him while they were arguing. When asked whether she suffered any injuries during the incident, she said she had no serious injuries. 

Houlberg referenced evidence inside Berg’s home, including fresh holes in the wall, the woman’s broken cellphone, and ripped-up dollar bills upstairs and downstairs. The woman said Berg stole about $300 from her purse, according to the affidavit. 

In addition to three felony charges of abduction with intent to defile, strangulation and forcible sodomy, Berg faces misdemeanor charges of assault and destruction of property.