Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Unequal Justice: Two 16 Year Olds Consensually Share Sexual Images of Themselves With Each Other, Now 17 Years Old The Female is Given One Year of Probation and the Male is Facing 10 Years in Prison and a Lifetime on the Public Sex Offender Registry

CBS This Morning September 8, 2015 Discussion

I first posted about this “Teen Sexting Case” in North Carolina back on September 2nd. 

They were both 16 years old (allowed to have sex legally) when they consensually shared sexual images of each other, with each other. Now 17 years old the police having found the images on their phones claimed it is child pornography making  them both a victim and a perpetrator at the same time. The boys photo and name was publicized widely but the females was not. 

Then we learned the female was given a plea deal of a misdemeanor with one year of Probation BUT the male is STIL facing 5 felony changes, prison time and being listed on the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry for life. 

This morning I watched CBS This Morning’s Legal Analyst Rikki Klieman discuss the absurdity of this case and how the North Carolina Legislature needs to take action against cases like this one. Ms. Klieman a former sex crimes prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, author and actor did a great job cover all  the points not only on this case but how Teen Sexting cases should NOT be a crime in the U.S. and I decided to share it here.