Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Did You Know That the Virginia State Police No Longer Gives a Copy/Receipt to RSO’s to Prove They Re-Registered Before Their Deadline?

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Since 2007, October in my house means..........it’s Re-Registration month. 

First there is waiting for the VSP certified letter (that an RSO must have to re-register) to be delivered via USPS:
  • Will we be home or out when they attempt delivery?
  • Will the USPS delivery person actually attempt delivery at the door or just leave a post card stating delivery was attempted when it wasn’t (like in 2009) and now the letter is sitting at the local post office and has to be picked up there?
  • Will the USPS worker allow me to sign for it (instead of the RSO who is at work, since we filed a letter at the local post office back in 2010 giving me permission) or will the USPS worker tell me that doesn’t matter and he has to sign for it?
  • Will there be enough days (letters are mailed-out by the VSP 10-12 days before they are due with no adjustments being made for weekends or holidays ) from receiving the letter until the due date to get to a VSP Barracks while they are open (Mon-Fri 8:30-4PM) without having to miss any work?
  • Will the letter get lost/misplaced by the USPS (like in 2010) and until the VSP contact the USPS at your request no one really bothers to look for it?

Then there is going to a VSP Barracks:
  • Many Virginians live hours from the closest location, luckily for us we are just 15 minutes away from one.
  • Waiting for a VSP employee/Trooper to come out and take your registration (thumbprints, check your driver’s license, etc) while waiting alongside other citizens who are there applying to be foster parents, applying for a tow-truck license, for a job interview, etc when they realize you are an RSO.
  • Dealing with VSP employees and Troopers who aren’t just curt, unpleasant or down right rude but knowing they have the ability to charge you with a failure-to-register if you ask too many questions or don’t agree with what they are telling you.
  • Having to stand against the wall for a photograph to be taken in front of those citizens who are applying to be foster parents and tow-truck drivers, waiting for a job interview, just like a mug-shot.
  • Worrying that the paper form that you’ve just submitted never makes it to VSP Headquarters on Midlothian Turnpike or if it does they make an error in entering the information by hand (like in 2013 or 2014).
  • Worrying that the photograph that was taken never makes it to VSP Headquarters on Midlothian Turnpike to be uploaded.
All under the threat of a Class 6 Felony! 

Well now there is a new worry. 

Today we learned that the VSP is no longer giving RSO’s a copy of the signed, thumb-printed and stamped/dated SP236A form as a receipt to prove that you re-registered. 

We were told if we made a copy ahead of time and brought two, that we could sign and thumb-print both and they’d stamp/date both so we could keep one as a record of the re-registration but they would NOT make a copy. 

Well we showed up NOT knowing they were no longer giving copies so we didn’t have 2 to do that with. 

So I asked for his form back and I took a photograph with my phone of the front and then of the back. I have been retaining copies of every re-registration and every data change for the last 8 years in case an investigation for a failure-to-register is ever launched, I’m not going to put my trust in the system after all the issues we’ve  experienced in 8 years and that I’ve heard from across the State from reader/supporters. 

I recommend EVERYONE retains ALL their old SP236A (Re-registration) and SP236 (Data changes) copies and carbons and either make a copy of the SP236A ahead of time before you go into re-register or take a photograph of the dated/stamped form while at the VSP Barracks (front and back) and when you get home print a copy and file it away. 

I find it quite ridiculous that the VSP continues to mail certified letters to our RSO’s at a cost of $10.48 (as of 2015, that’s approximately $318,592.00) each with two pages of paper inside, one being the RSO’s address to display in the envelope window with a barcode (the rest of the 8.5X11 piece of paper is blank) but as of 2015 they won’t give our RSO’s some sort of receipt to retain as proof they did re-register before their due date. 

AND the second page that is mailed out (the SP236A) where the RSO adds their thumbprints and signs that has almost no personal data (Instant Messenger, Internet Identifiers and Email addresses, Phone numbers, Employment information and Vehicle information are NOT on it) for RSO’s to verify which is the reason of re-registration to verify everything in the current database is still correct, how can you verify if they don’t print out what they currently have recorded? 

Oh and his photograph due date was 3 days BEFORE his re-registration due date and his re-registration due date would have been on Saturday, a day that the VSP Barracks aren’t even open! How did the Photograph-Due-Date and the Re-Registration- Due-Date become separate? This makes no sense! So over time depending on when an RSO can get into a VSP Barracks to be photographed the Photo-Due-Date and the Re-registration-Due-Date could become further and further apart resulting in 2 visits to a VSP Barracks instead of 1 visit, even though originally they were both done on the same date together. 

At my home the stress, the humiliation and the wasted resources is just once a year, for the majority of you it is every 90 days. 

I get it….and I will work to reform it! 

Mary Davye Devoy