Thursday, October 8, 2015

The 3rd Virginia Parole Review Commission Meeting and 1st Virginia State Crime Commission Meeting for 2015

Over many of the last few weeks I have participated in and attended multiple meetings.

Including with a civil rights group, with Administration members and with individual Virginia Legislators all on RSO issues in Virginia.

Now I can not post about these private meetings but I want you to know this is what I do on the off-season to educate, looking for sponsors, address current issues/problems and to ramp up for the upcoming General Assembly session. And I do it at my own cost; I do not ask you for donations all I ever ask is that you take action on Action Items……and there could be some upcoming Action Items resulting from some of these recent meetings. 

Last week I attended two public meetings and I missed a third public meeting the week before due to a conflict, all of the Presentations for these 3 public meetings are supposed to be online so everyone can view them. 

They were:
1. The Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission Meeting on September 21st, which I missed.
2. The Virginia Parole Review Commission Meeting on September 28th, which I attended. All presentations were supposed to be posted at but as of 10/08 that page has not been created. I even called the Parole Board web-contact last week asking when the page would be created and my phone call was the first she was hearing of a page.
3. The Virginia State Crime Commission Meeting on September 29th, which I attended. 
There isn’t really anything specific for me to highlight about any of these 3 meetings but I am monitoring what all three groups are working on for possible legislation in January 2016 and if anything is mentioned at one of their upcoming meetings that is significant I will post about it.

Mary Devoy