Wednesday, November 11, 2015

2 New York 14 Year Old Boys Face Felony Child Pornography Charges and 20 Other Students are Expelled From School for Receiving the Images That They Had No Control Over

 CBS This Morning November 11, 2015 Discussion

Two Long Island Teenagers Charged With Felonies for Producing and Sharing a Video Showing One Them Having Sex With a Girl, November 11, 2015
Twenty other students were suspended for receiving the video on their cellphones.

Showdown looms for parents, principal after school casts wide net in sexting scandal, November 10, 2015

Sexting Arrests, Suspensions Rock Long Island High Schools as Questions Swirl, November 10, 2015

NY Students Suspended, Arrested in Latest Alleged Sexting Ring, November 10, 2015

Some Parents Say Kids Were Unfairly Suspended Kings Park School Sexting Case, November 9, 2015