Sunday, November 15, 2015

From 2011 to 2015 What’s Changed in the Virginia Department of Corrections Annual Report?

A few days back I posted the links to 5 years of VA-DOC Annual Reports. 

Today I read through the 5 years of reports and found some interesting comparisons when I created the above chart.  

Like in 2013 the VA-DOC stopped tracking/publicizing the recidivism rate of “Sex Offenders”  and the number of absconder “Sex Offenders” . But they started counting the number of GPS units on “Sex Offenders”.  

Also when the VCBR (SVP Civil Commitment Facility) was reaching capacity and double-bunking had to be implemented because no Legislator wanted to build a second facility ($$$$$$$) it looks like the “release-rate” of SVP’s went up significantly. 

Another interesting drop is the number of VA-DOC contracts/vendors for Sex Offender Assessment/Treatment.