Friday, November 13, 2015

Principal Threatens Nine Year Old Florida Boy with Sexual Harassment Charges for Passing Love Notes to Classmate

I just had to post about this situation in Tampa, FL. 

What is happening to our country? 

When did we jump over the line of common sense for normal behavior to threatening, punishing and criminalizing it? 

Thank goodness I was a kid 40+ years ago I couldn’t image having to navigate through today’s madness, overreaction and penalties either as a kid or a parent. 


Fourth grader threatened with sexual harassment charges for writing his classmate a love letter saying her 'eyes are like diamonds', November 12, 2015
·         The nine-year-old boy sent at least two letters to the girl that he likes
·         The notes said she was 'pretty', 'cute' and that he liked her hair
·         When other children started teasing that he wanted to see the girl naked, the principal at the Hillsborough district school started investigating
·         The district said the notes were unwanted and could count as harassment
·         The boy's mother says they were harmless 

9-Year-old Boy Who Passed Love Notes to Girls Threatened with Sexual Harassment Charges, November 12, 2015  

Florida boy, 9, threatened with sexual harassment charges for writing love note, November 12, 2015

Principal threatens sexual harassment charges over 9-year-old’s love note, November 12, 2015