Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Virginia G.A. Session: Rob Buswell’s Next Anti-Sex Offender Bill Will Be to Prohibit RSO’s from Obtaining a “Kids First” License Plate from the Virginia DMV


HB305  (for Rob Buswell) has just posted in LIS, sponsored by Delegate Marcus Simon. 

Mary Devoy

Original Post:

It seems Rob Buswell isn’t done with getting the VSP Supplemental Registry passed into law he’s now an advocate against Virginia RSO’s “protecting today’s children”. 

On the Robby’s Rule 2015 Facebook page today he has made this announcement:
Hi I wanted to thank you all for your support of this page and the law YOU helped to create. The core group of people that worked on this are now working on a new bill for the upcoming session. Our next bill’s goal is to make the KIDS FIRST license plates not available to those individuals on the Sex Offenders Registry. Believe it or not, some offenders do put these plates on their cars. The picture below is just one example. We hope that you will continue to support this page and join us over at our new page. Search FB "Put A Child's Safety First" Give us a Like and share. We are Adult Surviviors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. We try to protect today's children. 

So I visited Mr. Buswell’s Put a Childs Safety First /Kids First Facebook page:
In Virginia, we have a variety of vanity plates. For example, if a military veteran earned a Bronze Star they have the ability to have a license plate reflecting that. If you are not a veteran that received that medal you can’t have that vanity plate. Similarly, convicted sex offenders should not be allowed to present themselves as something they are not - kid friendly. 

How ridiculous! 

Virginia’s Kid’s First Vanity Plate is from the Family and Children's Trust Fund of Virginia to support Safe Kids Virginia is led by VCU Medical Center. So why can't an RSO support this organization? 

What’s next no bumper stickers for RSO’s who kids are honor roll students or who play for the local soccer team? Because if they are advertising that they are actually parents……….. that's dangerous to all kids? 

What about those family decals with the number of parents, kids and pets in the family, are we going to make it illegal for RSO’s to have these on their vehicle? 

Vanity Plates that Virginians pay extra money to own to support organizations, initiatives and Universities aren’t a government seal of approval it’s a personal expression (Freedom of Speech) that they are showing support for. I don’t have to prove I went to or graduated from UVA or Old Dominion University to have their license plate. I could have a Support the Chesapeake Bay plate and be the biggest litter-bug in the world. 

What about vehicles registered to an address of an RSO but the majority of the time the vehicles are driven by their spouse, their significant other, their parents or even their teenage children? Are all of these people going to be prohibited from having the vanity plate they chose because the RSO owns the vehicle that they drive? 

There are multiple types of Military/Veterans vanity plates available in Virginia and there are RSO’s who are also Veteran’s, is Mr. Buswell going to demand they give up their Military license plates too? 

I can’t wait to see who the sponsor of this “planned” Bill is. 

Looks like the 2016 Virginia session is going to be another lively one, I’m ready! 

Mary Davye Devoy