Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Soon to Be Released Books on Sex Offenders

As readers of this blog know I am always looking for new books, studies and reports on Sex Offender Registries, Laws, Restrictions, Treatment, Commitment, Forgiveness and Re-entry to read and I share them all on the Books, Studies and Reports page. 

I especially ramp up on the latest reading materials right before a General Assembly session. 

I recently came across 5 books and wanted to let anyone who is interested in staying current on this platform to be aware of them.
1.      Innovations and Advancements in Sex Offender Research By Wesley Jennings, November 2014
2.     Sex Crime (Crime and Society Series) By Terry Thomas, Re-Released December 2015 (Originally Published in 2005) 
3.     Treatment of Sex Offenders: Strengths and Weaknesses in Assessment and Intervention By D. Richard Laws Available February 2016
4.     Social Work with Sex Offenders: Making a Difference (Social Work in Practice) By Steve Myers Available April 2016      
5.     Sex Offenders, Stigma, and Social Control (Critical Issues in Crime and Society) By Diana Rickard Available June 2016