Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Two 2016 Virginia General Assembly Pages to Keep an Eye On

The 2016 Virginia General Assembly Session begins on Wednesday January 13th  in Richmond, VA. 

To stay up-to-date on the 2016 session here are two new pages (on the right side of the screen) in the Directory that you need to know about. 
The 2016 Bill/Legislation page will be updated weekly for now and then as the session begins I will update it daily, possibly multiple times a day. 

The 2016 Committee Member page is based on the information available from the 2015 session but then we have 18 newly elected Legislators that don’t officially take office until January who still need to be assigned to Committees mid-January so that page is NOT complete.

If you missed my earlier post on Getting Ready for the 2016 Virginia Session including the options available for Tracking Bills go here 

All Action Items, Alerts or Hearing Notices for the 2016 G.A. session will not be added to the GA Bill/Legislation page but instead they will be a “post” here on the Home page.  

Back on October 8th I mentioned in a post that I met with some Virginia Legislators over the summer to discuss “good” legislation for 2016 and I am expecting 1 to 4 bills to be sponsored in 2016. 

Thank you for you support and please, please take action on future Action Alerts ‘for’ and ‘against’ legislation.  

Mary Devoy

New Virginia Budget Portal
The new Virginia Budget Portal brings together budget resources from the General Assembly and other state agencies. Users can search resources to find content based on keywords and phrases; create spreadsheets and custom reports for printing or email. Visit the beta version of the Virginia Budget Portal.