Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Virginia State Police 2016 Report: Monitoring of Sex Offenders Required to Comply with the Registry is Online..... As of November 2015 1 out of Every 143 Adult Male in Virginia is a Registered Sex Offender

Every year the Virginia State Police release the Monitoring of Sex Offenders Required to Comply with the Sex Offender Registry Requirements report. 

The 2016 Report  from the Virginia State Police (VSP) is now available on-line for those of you who are interested; I have also added it to this blogs VSP Report page. 

As of November 2015 1 out of every 143 Adult Males in Virginia is a Registered Sex Offender. 

Back in 2008 it was 1 out of every 207. 

On page 1:
  • We know there were 40 VSP Troopers assigned to the Sex Offender Investigative Unit (SOIU) back in 2006 but there is no count for 2015.
  • We also know that the preferred ratio of Trooper to Sex Offender back in 2006 was 120:1 but again there is no ratio given for 2015.
  • When the Compliance Officer (CO) positions were created in 2012 it was for 43 slots. Originally 24 were hired and then 15 more were added and as of 2015 there are 37, so there are 6 vacancies.
On pages 3-5 of the 2016 Report the VSP lists all their “accomplishments” for 2015. 

On Page 6 they list all the “checks” they’ve done in the last year, which I have added to my charts.

That's an average of 2,547 criminal investigations for failure to register per year with an average 439 convictions coming from those investigations which equals an average 18.84% "success rate" for the VSP.

During those "investigations" for a Class 6 Felony how many RSO's miss work, lose pay and /or lose their job all together (VSP questioning boss, manager or co-workers), lose their lease (VSP questioning neighbors, room-mates or landlord) and neither one wants to deal with the continued "headache", lose their children (VSP questioning their children's daycare or school) so DSS is called or lose their personal relationship with a spouse or significant other who just can't take the stress of unnecessary harassment by the authorities (frivolous investigations), threats of new charges and possible prison? Not to mention the money they lose hiring an attorney to defend them against possible charges that never happen because there wasn't a real issue or if there is an arrest then the bail and court hearing(s) ...........all for a low rate of conviction. 

There is no source for this data, but we all know there should be. The state induced “collateral damage” for those listed on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry being "investigated" for an issue that there was no criminal intent is immeasurable.

In summary…………the VSP does NOT track/release the following data and they REALLY should.
  1. RSO counts broken down by sex
  2. RSO counts broken down by race
  3. RSO counts broken down by Non-Violent or Violent
  4. RSO counts broken down by year of conviction
  5. RSO juvenile count
  6. RSO elderly count
  7. RSO disabled/incapacitated count
  8. The number of homeless RSO’s
  9. The number of unemployed RSO’s
  10. The number of self-employed RSO’s
  11. The number of RSO’s who petitioned for removal from the registry and the success or failure rate
  12. The number of RSO’s who petitioned for permission to be granted permission to be on school property and the success or failure rate
  13. How much money the VSP spends each year on the managing and monitoring of RSO’s including the breakout of the printing and mailing of the certified re-registration letters
  14. How about the cost each year of the RSO investigations, arrests and convictions?
  15. How about the cost each year for the VSP to oppose an RSO’s petition to be removed from the VSP Registry?
  16. The current number of VSP Troopers and C.O.’s (the number of vacancies) and what the ratio to Offenders is.
  17. The recidivism rate for RSO’s not just any new conviction, but broken down to show ALL new sexual convictions!
Now, that would be data worth knowing!
Mary Devoy