Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Virginia State Police “Supplemental” Sex Offender Registry (AKA Robby’s Rule) Which Passed the 2015 Legislative Session, Was Signed Into Law on July 1st and Was Mandated to be Online by January 1st 2016 is Now Viewable


VSP launches Sex Offender Supplemental Registry, December 31, 2015
Rob Buswell asked NBC12 to “withhold his identity” if he participated in a phone interview!

State Police launches supplement sex offender registry, December 31, 2015
5,604 names

State police publish supplement to sex offender registry online, December 31, 2015

New Virginia sex offender registry covers 1980-1994, December 31, 2015

Sex Offender Registry Extension is Now Available to the Public, December 31, 2015

Original Post:

As readers of this blog remember I did my best to fight against Robby’s Rule 2015 from becoming law but in the end I failed. 
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The Virginia Senate voted Friday for a new addendum to the state's sex offender registry, meant to capture crimes against minors that were committed before the registry began.
Senate Bill 1074 passed unanimously, but with a caveat: The addendum would only be created if legislators also include about $23,000 in this year's budget to fund its creation.
The registry would cover crimes committed between 1980 and 1994. It would include the name of the offender, their offense, date of conviction, where the conviction occurred and their and age upon conviction.
A similar bill is also moving forward in the Virginia House of Delegates.
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I’ve been checking the Virginia State Police Facebook page and their website  for weeks waiting for the “Supplemental” Registry to appear.

Today it showed up but it is NOT being advertised on the VSP Home page. 

On the left side menu of the VSP website select Sex Offender Registry, then the next page populates and offers Supplemental Information as a choice right under Search the Sex Offender Registry. You must agree to the terms, just like with the "Regular" VSP Sex Offender Registry and then you can view a long list of decades and decades old court records for people who may or may not reside in Virginia or who may or may not be deceased. No photograph, no race and no addresses.

222 pages of names in alphabetical order, the year of birth, the date of the conviction, the age at conviction, the jurisdiction and the conviction. If one person had more than one conviction then they get a second line and a third line and so on.

You can NOT search for a name, you can not search by jurisdiction and you can not search by conviction. You also can not jump to a specific letter for a last name.

This was money and time completely wasted with the all too real possibility of anyone who shares a name on this list who is close in age to the court record experiencing housing loss, employment loss, being shunned by neighbors, friends, co-workers and parishioners. 
Do you feel safer now?

Oh, and don’t forget the VSP worked with Rob Buswell to write the text to Robby’s Rule 2015, the VSP Legislative Liaisons lobbied for it, they stood in support of it in the House and Senate asking for it, it passed and was later signed into law….then months later the VSP stated in their report in The Effectiveness of Sex Offender Registry Requirements on Public Safety  The Department anticipates that the Supplement  to the Virginia Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry will cause confusion to the public”.  

Then why did they write it? Lobby for it? Publically support it? 

The Report went online on September 25, 2015 here$file/RD247.pdf  Then at some point after then the document was removed from the Internet. The Full Report can still be read here