Sunday, February 1, 2015

Action Item: SB1374 is Schedule to be Heard in Senate Courts of Justice Committee on Monday February 2, 2015 at 8AM - Contact the Members and Ask Them to Vote “No”!

Capitol showdown centers on sex offenders Monday, February 1, 2015

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SB1374 patroned by Senator Marsden that I posted an Action Alert about on January 20, 2015 will be heard by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee Docket February 2, 2015 8AM . 

This is the only time the public can speak for or against the bill before the entire Senate votes on it (if it moves forward, out of Committee). 

If SB1374 becomes law the Virginia Department of Corrections Probation Division, the Office of the Attorney General and the Virginia State Police would have NO obligation EVER to inform those required to register as an RSO in Virginia to when OR even how often they need to register not to mention the ever changing an expanding restrictions and regulations imposed ONLY against RSO’s that carry a felony punishment.  

Today the Virginia State Police inform our Offenders of the most elementary rules and they will only answer questions when prompted by an Offender who is attempting to remain compliant. They are NOT forthcoming with a list of Do’s and Don’ts, nor do they update our Offenders when new restrictions take effect on July 1st, I’ve been asking for such a handout for years. So finally this autumn I produced one myself, Legal Do’s and Don’ts Brochure . 

In fact with this bill, Virginians who are attempting to remain compliant COULD be given false or misleading information (unintentionally OR otherwise) by a Government employee and the RSO would be liable for a felony, while the Government entity that gave the wrong information would not hold any accountability 

Compliance in Virginia is already difficult enough but this bill make it 100% a “guessing game” and a trap.