Monday, February 2, 2015

Action Item for SB1374: It Passed Out of Courts of Justice Committee Today and Now Heads to All 40 Virginia Senators for a Vote on the Senate Floor

SB1374 Sex offender registry; failure of defendant to register patroned by Senator Dave Marsden passed out of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee today even after the members heard VERY legitimate concerns and real life examples of how the VSP makes little effort today to advise our RSO's and if SB1374 becomes law they will have no reason to even do the bare minimum. 

I found it very interesting that the Virginia State Police Legislative Liaison in the Senate Committee today did not speak in support of this bill when this bill comes from the VSP even after they have publicly opposed during 5 previous sessions a bill to add to Virginia Code that the VSP must come up with a process to notify our RSO’s of their legal obligations, post the list on-line and update it when new laws are passed. 

A Senator told me at today’s meeting that the VSP told them “they give everybody everything” as in RSO’s receive a full list of restrictions and regulations. If that was actually the case then why didn’t the VSP Representative step up to the podium and tell the Committee that? Because they know that they don’t advise our RSO’s of their legal obligations, that’s why.