Saturday, February 14, 2015

Action Item for SB1374: Scheduled to be Heard by House Courts of Justice Criminal Sub-Committee Monday February 16th in the Afternoon

SB1374 Sex offender registry; failure of defendant to register patroned by Senator Dave Marsden is scheduled to be heard by the House Courts of Justice Criminal Sub-Committee  this coming Monday (President’s Day) February 16th  ½ hour after adjournment (anywhere between 1PM and 5PM).  

This will be the last time the public can speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ SB1374. 

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SB1374 benefits only one entity, and it’s not our 20,300+ RSO’s who are trying to remain compliant it’s the Virginia State Police who barely know the restrictions and regulations themselves and only assist our RSO’s today when they are prompted by an RSO who is attempting to remain compliant. 

The VSP asked Senator Marsden for this bill but yet it’s being sold as a positive to help our RSO, it does NOT help the RSO’s! 

SB1374 will increase arbitrary felonies against RSO’s who had no intent to commit a crime, for an act that isn’t a crime for other citizens. SB1374 will result in more prosecutions, a higher recidivism rate and more citizens being incarcerated.

Below is the contact information for every Delegate on the Full Courts of Justice Committee.