Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lauren Book (Lauren’s Kids) Might Run for Florida Senate and Her Father Ron Book Lobbyist to GEO Group, Candidate Strategist and the Reason Miami’s Registered Sex Offenders Had Only One Legal Place in the Entire City to Live, Under the Julia Tuttle Causeway Has the Millions to Guarantee a Win


Lauren Book announces bid for Fort Lauderdale Senate seat, August 31, 2015

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The below article is from Florida, but I have followed Lauren Book and especially her father Ron Book for years. 
He is not only the one responsible for the homeless Sex Offenders who lived under the Julia Tuttle causeway but he got them removed from the bridge promising to find them homes and after paying for hotel rooms for a few months turned them back out onto the streets because every option for a home turned out to be illegal and Mr. Book had in the interim made the location under the causeway illegal for them to return to. 

Ron Book is also a lobbyist for GEO Group a private prison company that profits from not only incarceration but the civil commitment of Sexually Violent Predators all while his daughter Lauren gets additional anti-Sex Offender legislation passed every year in Florida. 

Oh, and Ron Book/GEO Group has lobbied here in Virginia for privatization of our prisons and our SVP civil commitment program.  

The below is well worth a read. It’s the perfect example of how a “victim” turns their anger and vengeance into a money making machine all under the guise of “to save one child” passing laws at one end and profiting from the convictions and commitments at the other end and no one wants to dare question the goings on….. until this article.

Here are some other articles on Ron and Lauren Book:

Mary Devoy

As Lauren Book Hints at Run, Some Question if Her Charity Could Become Political Tool, February 18, 2015
By Deirdra Funcheon

As she climbed the hill leading to Florida's State Capitol last spring, Lauren Book broke from a walk into a run. The 29-year-old blonde with a pink ribbon wrapped around her ponytail raised both arms in the air and flashed a huge smile as she crossed the finish line. Her father, Ron Book, perhaps the most influential lobbyist in Florida, trotted beside her in running shorts.

Lauren had walked 1,500 miles, having started in Key West 42 days earlier on a mission to bring attention to childhood sexual abuse. 

When she trekked through South Florida, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra called her an "angel." When she was in Orlando, abuse survivors fought back tears as they joined her.  

During a post-walk press conference on the Capitol steps, Fort Walton Beach Republican Representative Matt Gaetz bragged about freshly-passed legal reforms that would crack down on sex offenders - ideas "that were on Lauren's mind, that ended up on my legal pad, that are now in the laws of Florida." When it was Governor Rick Scott's turn to speak, he called them laws "that I had the honor to sign."  

A year later, Nancy Smith, executive editor of the Sunshine State News, which covers Florida politics, remembers the spectacle. "Cabinet members don't get that kind of coverage, that kind of interest... I don't understand how in four or five years, one person gets to this level with a charity."