Sunday, March 15, 2015

14 Year Old Fairfax Virginia Male Will Become a Lifetime Violent Sex Offender Because Our Laws Label Him a Perpetrator Even Though He Is Legally Too Young to Consent to Sex Acts with an Older Teen

This 14 year old (see below article) needs therapy and treatment, NOT to spend the next 2-15 years in a juvenile detention facility/adult prison plus a lifetime on the VSP Virginia Sex Offender Registry.  

He very well might have been the victim of sexual abuse himself and was reenacting what had been done to him. 

But if that turns out to be the case, none of it will matter because in Virginia a 14 year old that has committed a sexual offense will be institutionalized and then mostly will be labeled a Violent Sex Offender for the rest of their life.  

If he’s institutionalized his chances of becoming a sexual assault/rape victim ( , in the juvenile or adult facility are extremely high and in fact such a sentence makes him more likely to be a dangerous adult instead of the treatable juvenile that he is today. 

If he is convicted this young male will be banished from ever residing with his parents as his younger brother was a victim, which means he’ll have NO family support. 

He’ll have no high school diploma, no college education. 

He will receive no job skills and will never have a “career”. 

He will have no social skills whatsoever. 

He will have extreme difficulties in securing housing or employment. 

He’ll be under lengthy VA-DOC supervision, he’ll have to pay for court-order therapy sessions, maybe court-ordered polygraphs or GPS monitoring, he’ll probably be forbidden from having Internet access, but required to find employment, housing and pay court fines.